Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Individuals who have been charged with any sort of crime will need to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Whether a person is guilty or not, a competent legal representative must be called in to back the citizen up immediately. Trying to defend oneself is not a wise choice as the court systems are complicated mazes to maneuver through.

A lawyer must be seasoned and savvy to wade through the courts on behalf of his or her client. A citizen may get arrested while a crime is occurring or a warrant may be served on them at their front door. What types of crimes could a person be charged with? Here are some things to think about:

White-collar: White-collar offenses often involve paperwork and computers. Embezzling is one example and is when someone manipulates the financial bookkeeping of an organization. Tax fraud or security improprieties are other examples. Defrauding an insurance company and forgery are two other examples of offenses that are deemed to be in the white-collar category.

Theft: Theft may occur in a variety of ways. Shoplifting is stealing from a store. A pickpocket is a criminal who lifts a person’s wallet or purse from their pockets while in public places, often in bustling urban areas. Robbery occurs when someone holds up a bank, person or store with an intent to steal goods or money. Armed robbery would include a deadly weapon. Burglary is thievery, which occurs when the inhabitants of a business or residence are away.

Damage to property: Damage to property can occur in different manners. Graffiti artists may be charged with this offense. Breaking or destroying another person’s belongings or dwelling can wind up in this charge, as well. A tenant who destroys his apartment or components of the dwelling that he or she is renting may be charged with this.

Assault: Assault can occur with a weapon or without. It is physical force with intention to do harm. This can occur with fists, guns, knives, rocks, blunt instruments or even a vehicle. If a person causes the death of another, even unintentionally, additional charges of manslaughter can be made.

Drug crimes: A person who is in possession of illegal drugs or medications without proper prescriptions may be charged. In addition to possession, there may be declarations of trafficking, distributing, manufacturing and more. Oftentimes, the more of the substance found on the person, the worse the legal consequences.

DUI: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcoholic beverages is a criminal offense. A motorist may only have had a few drinks at a party, but if impairment has occurred, a crime has been committed.

If a citizen is charged with an offense, he or she needs to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. If a person can’t afford one, it is his or her right to have a court appointed legal representative to defend them in court. Whether a person is innocent or guilty, he or she needs to have a lawyer offering advice, expertise and protection.

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