How to Choose Your Criminal Defense Attorney

The legal process can be tricky for those who aren’t familiar with it – chances are, if you’re accused of a crime you’re going to need a bit of help. A great criminal defense attorney knows the system and has experience with your type of case, and has probably been practicing law in your area for quite awhile.

Research is Key

The key to success in finding a great attorney is figuring out their background and experience. The Bar Association in your area will have a listing of attorney according to their specialty. Dependent upon the charge you’re experiencing, you’re going to want someone with background in your case. Criminal defense attorneys have specialties from DUI charges to family law. Use search engines to find an attorney and once you have search for that attorney specifically to see if any information comes up about cases they have handled. Make sure you speak with at least three attorneys before deciding who will be your criminal defense attorney.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

What do you want to accomplish? You clearly have an outcome for your case in mind-it could be getting cleared of charges or minimizing your sentence. In choosing a criminal defense lawyer, you’ll need to keep this in mind. In their background and even in speaking to them, a criminal defense lawyer will let you know what their specialty is-whether it is accomplishing plea bargains or priding themselves on trial victory.

Interview them

Interview your attorney, in the sense of getting to know his or her background. Ask them all of the key questions about criminal defense experience, what types of cases he or she has been handling. Ask how the criminal defense attorney would handle your case and the views you’ll receive. Find out if associates are heavily involved or if you would be dealing with the attorney directly. Last of all, ask the fees-find out what the cost would be for your type of case. You already have so many things to think about, another fee would be a hidden and unwelcome surprise.

A Lasting Relationship

When speaking with the criminal defense attorney you may possibly use, seek out a comfort level. Understand that you would be working with this person around the clock and under stressful times. You need to feel comfortable asking key questions and dealing with them on a personal level.

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