Reasons Why a Cyber Stalker Chooses to Terrorize Individuals Online

There is a wide variety of reasons why a cyber stalker may choose the Internet as the source of various types of intimidation. In the majority of cases the main reason for this involves the particular offender’s lack of self esteem or self confidence. These individuals often feel that because they cannot be seen they are safe in abusing or violating individuals in a number of ways without being caught. The truth of the matter is that even when this type of harassment and intimidation is done through online channels there are still ways to identify the source of this problem. This in turn often leads to finding a way to subsequently stop the intimidation as well.

When a cyber stalker has made you the target of their unwanted affections or threats there are ways that you can trace this communication. The most common internet investigation that is used for this purpose is the reverse email look-up. This investigation is conducted with the use of the email address in which the offending emails originate from. This trace can then determine the name, address and phone number of the sender as well as where the person works, their internet service provider and browser type, where the computer is located that sent the emails, and even the operating system of the computer used and what websites the person visits.

There are websites which boast that they can provide this information instantly and free of charge, however the information obtained through these websites is often inaccurate and therefore unusable. Many of these websites only make this claim as a way to obtain personal information. This often makes it even easier for a cyber stalker to make you the target of his affections. For this reason it is highly suggested that you steer clear of these websites and turn to a professional investigator experienced in conducting a reverse email look-up.

By making the choice to allow a professional internet investigator perform a reverse email trace you can be sure that the information you obtain will not only be useable but it will be accurate as well. Another added benefit in many cases of this type of investigation is that if the information you need is not obtained you will not be charged a fee for this service. This is referred to as a no hit, no fee policy. Once the investigation has been completed you will receive a report containing detailed information about the suspected cyber stalker in question.

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