Compromise Agreements – Negotiate For Your Redundancy Package

A redundancy package need not be set in stone. You could actually thrash out several terms of the redundancy deal with the employer. You may do so directly or you may bring in an independent employment solicitor. When receiving a redundancy package, the golden rule should be not to hastily agree with the first redundancy offer. You have to play it cool and ask to see the draft of the package in writing. Look at the terms carefully and prepare to point out several of your suggestions.

Understand what kind of leverage you have before you get into any negotiation for your redundancy package. First, there is emotional leverage. Understand that the employer may also be feeling guilty about making you redundant especially if you have been working with the company for quite some time. As you talk about the terms of the redundancy package, be cordial and professional. Avoid being adversarial at least during this initial stage.

Second, take the opportunity to negotiate for a better redundancy package by looking at how the company aims to maintain a good image in the eyes of current employees and business partners. Employees surely would want to see their former colleagues treated well by the company. The employer surely knows this.

Third, disgruntled employees may file for unfair dismissal claims. Such claims and the process may be daunting, expensive, and damaging to the employer. You should assert for your rights especially if you have evidences that could prove your suspicion of being unfairly dismissed. That is why your employer certainly is always open for any form of negotiation regarding your redundancy package.

Know your reason for negotiation. Be honest to admit that you want to get more money from the redundancy package. Sit down with the employer and work out several terms on how both of you could meet halfway. You may look at your past performances as a justification for your case. For example, a three-month training program you have attended recently may have affected your sales figures for the last two years. In this case, you could assert that the selection process for the redundancy may not have been fair enough.

You may negotiate for a financial assistance for any retraining you want to attend as part of your redundancy package. If your employer is reasonably enlightened, he should try to help you in any way aside from just providing you with a statutory minimum amount.

Understand that you have little to lose for trying to negotiate for a better redundancy package. If the employer presents you a compromise agreement proposal, go through the terms thoroughly before deciding to sign. Hire an employment solicitor that could guide you in deciding whether to accept the agreement or not. It is the employer’s responsibility to cover the costs of hiring an independent employment law specialist as part of the compromise agreement. You could use the document as a way to earn much better terms and monetary gains than the redundancy package.

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