Decreasing Child Support

Child support payments can become troublesome if the parent responsible for providing payments cannot financially maintain regular payments. Considering the variety of ways a person can fall into this precarious position, there are some legally recognized reasons for a decrease or altogether stop of payments. After going before the court and filing the proper paperwork, an individual can put in for an official petition to lower the regular cost of support, if not cancel payments entirely in very particular situations.

One of the most commonly cited reasons for a temporary decrease or pause in child support payments is when a parent loses their job. The loss of employment puts a parent in the position of no longer being able to support their own finances outside of what potential unemployment will provide, which only offers temporary alleviation. As a result, it is possible for a parent to receive a decrease in disability payments or a cancellation of payments altogether if he or she loses his or her job.

An individual may lose the ability to work altogether due to a debilitating injury. If these catastrophic injuries result in the loss of employment or the reduction of job opportunities, a person may request a drop in the current child support rates, if not a permanent stop to payments. If these injuries illustrate a temporary loss of work and subsequent paycheck, a person’s reduction may only be temporary.

If economic factors lead to the loss of significant funds, the result can be a fair petition for reduced child support. Although poor investing may not serve as adequate grounds for support cancellation, unexpected and widespread changes in the economy that cause an uncontrollable loss of property or assets may be cause for an agreement to readdress support agreements.

For more information regarding changes to support arrangements, contact a family law attorney.

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