Find Out the First Steps to Take to Qualify for an EB5 Visa

If you are an immigrant considering ways to get into the United States as fast as possible, you should learn the basics of the EB5 visa. This route allows you to get into this country within about a year, as long as you meet a few requirements. Of course, you should note that it is often referred to as an investment visa, which means that you should have access to money to invest in a business. However, if you have always wanted to be part of the reason for the success of a company, the EB5 visa may be perfect for you.

As long as you have access to $1 million, you can start this process by creating a business plan for a company that you think would be successful in the United States. Note that this business will need to employ at least ten full-time employees, which means it should be large enough to need that many people to run it, and profitable enough for you to afford to pay your employees. Therefore, you may want some professional help for the business plan before you implement it in this country, as a failed business will not only cost you money but also prevent you from being able to stay in the United States.

Not every immigrant with money to spend wants to preside over a business, which is why the EB5 visa also provides the option for investors to merely give their money to a group that runs an existing business or project. This option is known as the regional center, which is located in a targeted employment area that has much higher unemployment rates than other cities. The advantage of this route is that the investor only needs to offer $500,000 in this case rather than $1 million. If you are not interested in hiring employees or running daily operations, you will be pleased to know that most regional centers are run by experts already, who simply need your money rather than your time. Thus, you can come to the U.S., invest, and then relax rather than running a business.

If you are interested in either of these EB5 visa options, you will need to first contact an immigration attorney, who will help you verify that the money you have is legally yours before you invest. He will also submit the initial documents to the proper authorities so that you can get an interview with the U.S. Consulate, which is just the beginning of the process. Starting with these steps will get you to the United States within six months to a year, perhaps eventually leading to you becoming a U.S. citizen in the next few years. If this sounds agreeable to you, take the first steps to the EB5 visa by determining which route you want to take, and then contacting a lawyer. 

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