Immigrate To Canada – What Is the Quickest Way?

The only way to speed the processing time for your Canada Immigration Visa application is to have a job offer in your hands. This job offer must be from a Canadian Employer and it will reduce the processing time of the application for permanent residence and your entry to Canada will be considerably faster if you get the visa. Once you have the job offer from your potential employer you have three options to follow.

1. Work Permit

Work Permits are only issued for employment that is temporary. In some cases your work permit may be extended from inside Canada. This is the fastest way and in some cases you can be in Canada within weeks after you apply. In order however to get the offer job, the Canadian employer have to demonstrate that efforts were made to hire Canadian residents for the job position without any success before he is eligible to issue a job offer for that position to you.

2. Arranged Employment

It is based on a permanent job offer for unspecified length and you are not allowed to travel before you receive your Canadian permanent resident visa. In this case the employer does not have to demonstrate that Canadian residents were not found for the position he issues a job offer There is a priority processing at all Canadian visa offices of your Canadian permanent residence application (processing time is usually less than 1 year) You also get up to 15 points under the Federal Skilled Worker Category of Canadian Immigration.

3. Provincial Nomination

Provincial nomination is similar to the previous two options. Most Canadian Provinces offer nomination programs that lead to Canadian permanent resident visa. Most often it involves a permanent job offer of unspecified length from an employer in a particular Province. Once you get the Provincial nomination certificate usually you get immediately a work permit to travel to Canada and start work even before the Canadian permanent resident visa is issued. Your application for permanent residence in Canada will receive priority processing and you will usually receive the visa in less than 1 year. Even if your occupation is not considered ”high skilled” you can still qualify for provincial nomination. In this case again the potential employer have to demonstrate efforts were made to hire Canadian residents for the job position offered to you, without any success.

As you can see those are the only methods that can speed up your application processing time. The first one is the fastest and the other two are relatively the same.

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