Immigration Testing Is Easy Using DNA

Immigration testing has become simpler, faster and more accurate thanks to DNA testing. It is relatively easy to determine if the person applying for citizenship based on family ties is related by using a legal immigration test.

It comes down to a simple question, can you prove that you are related to someone who is currently a citizen of that country? It is not uncommon that a parent would come to the United States and work for many years sending money home to take care of the children and family members.

When that person becomes a citizen there are various programs and options to apply for citizenship for your son, daughter, mother and father. It is unreasonable to expect a court, embassy or government agency to merely take your word that “this is my child or this is my parent”.

Sometimes, smiling people do not tell the truth about who’s related to them. Making false statements about family relations during applications for citizenship could lead to trouble for immigration fraud.

The good news is that Immigration DNA testing can help you prove your family relationship to the government agency, state, court or other party.

The testing used for immigration and may consist of both, legal maternity testing and legal paternity testing. This means that full chain of custody documentation, DNA sample collection by the government or embassy agency, photograph, fingerprinting and other documentation is required.

Generally, immigration cases can take a long time to complete depending on many factors. Some of these factors include shipping supplies, or the waiting list in the country where your children or relatives currently live.

It takes patience and diligence to insure accurate paperwork is completed by the deadlines imposed by the various government agencies and or courts. Pay close attention to the detailed requirements, seek help to verify accurate and complete answers then deliver the official documents “on time, every time”.

The reward from successful immigration testing is proving your family relationship and getting the approval to bring a family member to your country. The joy of reuniting a family separated by miles of oceans, political climate or wars is worth the effort.

Since Immigration testing makes it easier and faster to prove who’s related to you, shouldn’t you get more information and get started now?

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