Know the Basic Paperwork Required for the Foreign Investor Visa

If you are considering using the eb5 visa, also known as the foreign investor visa, to get to the United States quickly, you should be aware of what awaits you. You likely already know about all the benefits of this visa type, but you should also know about the paperwork required to make it happen. Of course, if you take the recommended route of using an immigration attorney, you will have some help keeping up with the documents and deadlines required.

The first requirement involves money, since if you do not have it, you cannot use the foreign investor visa. Therefore, you will first need proof that you not only have the money, but acquired it legally. You can have earned it or gotten it as a gift, but you need to have proof of this, which your lawyer should help you prepare. If you have decided to use a regional center, you will need to put the money in an escrow account when you apply. It will be returned to you if you do not end up getting the foreign investor visa, but this means that you must have access to it right away. If, on the other hand, you are creating your own business in this country, you should have a business plan drawn up.

Whether you decided to create your own business or take over one that was in financial trouble, you will need to show authorities from the USCIS the Articles of Incorporation. Additionally, if you have purchased or lease a building for the business, you will need to keep the documentation on hand to show the appropriate officials. You have to create at least ten fulltime jobs in a new business, or allow ten people to keep their jobs if you have taken over an existing business that was struggling. If you have chosen the latter option, you will also need to show the USCIS that you increased the old company’s worth.

This is just some of the basic paperwork required for the foreign investor visa. It may seem overwhelming, but the USCIS simply wants to make sure that immigrants coming here through this visa are committed and willing to put in the work for this unique opportunity. Fortunately, having an immigration lawyer can help you get started so that the process runs smoothly and you do not miss any deadlines.

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