Why Was My Canada Visa Application Rejected – Reasons and Solutions

The decision of immigrating to another country is very important and tough. You can not take such a decision while walking in the park or watching TV or just because your neighbour or friend immigrated recently and you decided to follow him. Many people do exactly those mistakes and that’s why they are not successful with their applications. Those lines above were generally about immigrating to another country, now I want to focus on Immigrating to Canada. Every year more than 250,000 people immigrate to Canada, and that’s why Canada is one of the most popular destinations for the immigrants all over the world. What should you do in order to get your application approved?

First of all you should sit with your family and discuss about it. Decide if you are totally determined to immigrate. Here we are not talking for just a visit or few weeks holiday. We are talking for permanent immigration or at least permanent employment for few years. Decide how strong you really want to immigrate, don’t be excited because someone else has immigrated and you would like to follow him. Take the important decision that the whole procedure is time consuming and you must be involved in it. Do not assign someone else to do it for you. If you do so, and not do everything by yourself, the chances of success are 90% less. If you are not sure about even one of the things mentioned above, it’s better to quit now, before you have done any expenses. If you are sure, go on.

Second thing to do is to determine under which immigration class you qualify. Here is the tricky part where most of the applicants fail. There are five immigration classes and the only one that can determine which class is correct for you is yourself and nobody else. Even professional legal advisers, in most of the cases would fail to determine the correct immigration class, because they do not have the full information about you and about your background. So if you want to optimize your chances, do everything by yourself.

Third step is to fill in the appropriate application forms. Again here we have some complications. There are hundreds of different application forms. For the different classes, there are different applications. Have in mind that for the whole procedure you must fill in many application forms, it is not just one application and you are finished.

Next step is to pay the application and other accompanied fees to the Canada visa office in your country and submit you application set. Again have in mind that not all Canada visa offices accept applications for immigration purposes. So you may need to travel to another country that is responsible for the immigration applications of your home country in order to submit the application set. Again the correct fees must be paid. There are different fees for the different classes.

The last step you should do is to get prepared for the interview. You will be called to attend an interview normally within 6 months to 18 months after submitting the correct documents, applications and the correct fees paid.

I wish good luck to all prospective immigrants and remember, don’t give your luck to other people. Be responsible and take care of the whole procedure by yourself. To find out more details and get the complete step by step guideline, please visit our web site.

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