How to hire a business lawyer

Getting a good lawyer is what your business needs to become successful. Any business or company with few employees needs to be abreast of all employment laws. There’s much to offer to your employees, and without proper legal representation, your firm could face an ill reputation or financial damage if you mess with your employees.

Getting a Seattle Business Lawyer will help your business in crucial matters like compliance, trademark advice, copyright and formal business incorporation. Here are the main reasons you shouldn’t miss hiring a business attorney.

Reasons to Hire an attorney

In case you get sued:

Do not be among most small business owners who don’t bother hiring a business attorney until the authorities are serving them a summons. This is too late, and the best time to get a lawyer is before you get sued or served with a summon. Once there’s a complaint against you, a problem has occurred that you could have avoided if you got the lawyer in time.

You will end up paying more for some costs that could have been avoided, like attorney’s fees, court costs and settlements. Getting in court is very easy, but getting out of the grip could be very hard. Paying an attorney to get you out of trouble is far more expensive than hiring an attorney who will help you stay out of trouble.

 The size of the business law firm

The bigger business law firms will charge higher than the small ones because of bigger overhead. The larger firms have more advantages over solo practitioners because they have vast skills that will be right to scale your business higher.

It is hard to find a solo practitioner who could handle all issues like lease negotiation, filing a patent, advising you on how to terminate disruptive workers, draft a license agreement. From time to time, the generalist will refer you to other business attorneys who are specialists, and you will end up having 3 or 4 attorneys.

You might find larger firms’ costs a bit high, but they are more advantageous to work with because they have all the legal skills your business needs under one roof. Most of them are influential and more connected to more established firms having access to intangible benefits.

The types of attorneys to hire

Most business lawyers specialize in different areas, and before hiring any, don’t settle for a lawyer who specializes in non-business. When hiring, look for an attorney with more skills.


Get an attorney who will understand your business, draft contracts you will use with your suppliers and customers, and assist you in responding to contracts that your clients will have signed.

Taxes and licenses

Your account will file tax returns, but it’s your lawyer’s work to register your company for federal tax and understand the business transactions that your business takes part in.

Business organization

Your business attorney will decide if it’s a limited liability company or corporation and come up with the necessary paperwork.

Real estate

Getting a lease for a business premise is hard, and mostly the contract benefits the landlord but the tenant. With the help of your lawyer, they will help you with negotiations and include a tenant addendum in the lease that will be beneficial to you.

In conclusion, your business might be thriving and with the biggest influence in your area, but you are keeping it at risk if you don’t hire a business lawyer who will help in legal matters. Avoid running at the last minute to get one when things get wrong. They will guide you and help you settle legal matters about your business.

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