Is Making A Work Accident Claim For Compensation Difficult?

Legally every single employer has an obligation to make sure that employees are able to work in a safe environment, are provided with appropriate safety equipment and clothing, and are given adequate training. Unfortunately these obligations are not always met as fully as they ought to, resulting in work related accidents.

The problem with work-related accidents is that they inevitably prevent the employee from being able to return to work, either for a period of time, or indefinitely. Clearly it is not in the interests of the business to have staff injured and off work, quite apart from any legal or moral issues, but accidents in the workplace happen every day even so.

Although many people who are injured at work do consider taking legal action and making a work accident compensation claim, a number of people decide against this, and for a few different reasons. Some people feel that by making a claim against their employer they will be penalised in the future.

It is important to remember that the compensation awarded as a result of the work accident claim does not come out of the employer’s own pockets. Employers must legally have insurance, and in the event of a compensation claim it is the employer’s insurance company which pays out the compensation.

But in addition many accident claim solicitors will work alongside the employer to make sure that once the claim has been concluded no additional issues will be allowed to cause any problem to the employee.

Some people decide against making an accident claim for compensation because they believe that it will be long-winded, stressful and involve having to argue their case in court. This is almost certainly not what would ever happen. In fact hardly any compensation claims ever reach as far as court, with an out-of-court settlement being the usual means by which a claim is concluded.

The hardest and most difficult part of making a compensation claim is having the accident in the first place! But after you have telephoned an accident claim solicitor the vast majority of the process from that point on will be handled by them.

You may occasionally needs to answer a few questions, and confirm with your doctor that you are happy for relevant medical information to be forwarded to your solicitor, but there will be relatively little for you to have to do until it gets to the point where you will need to open the envelope, remove the cheque, and cash it.

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