Conveyancing Horror Stories – The Sequel

We’re bringing you another example of a conveyancing horror story today, with the chilling tale of a man who failed to instruct a conveyancing firm with a no move, no legal fee guarantee.

Once again, names have been changed to protect identities, and the content is not for the faint hearted!

Mr Evans had decided to instruct his local high street conveyancing solicitor to deal with his sale and purchase.

Everything seemed to be going well until, a couple of months down the line, his conveyancing solicitor phoned to say they would unfortunately be unable to continue his conveyancing work as they weren’t on the panel for his lender. The conveyancing solicitor cancelled the conveyancing and sent Mr Evans his deposit back. End of story.

How wrong he was!

After 3 months of living in his new home, thanks to a new conveyancing lawyer, his old conveyancing solicitor contacted him to say that he owed them nearly £800 for the work they did for him previously.

Despite having clearly informed the conveyancing solicitor who his lender was at the start of the conveyancing process, they had proceeded with the conveyancing work knowing full well that they wouldn’t be able to complete.

Unfortunately, Mr Evans conveyancing solicitor did not offer a no move, no legal fee guarantee and, despite making a complaint, he still had to pay them more than £400 for work he didn’t require.

If only he’d shopped around beforehand and found a great value conveyancing firm offering a no move, no legal fee guarantee!

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