Understanding Unclaimed Properties

If you are a homeowner in the state of California you could be richer than you expect and to make it even more appealing it is possible to live anywhere that you want. The issue of unclaimed property is one that many people don’t even know exist and this simple fact could be costing you a fortune.

Every single year there are properties that are unclaimed, in the state of California there are millions of dollars in unclaimed properties. All the different kinds of tax refunds and insurance proceeds are waiting to be collected by the rightful owners. Dormant bank accounts are one of the most popular types of unclaimed money. Some of these people don’t know that the account still exist or some just passed away and did not get to put one of his children name on it to keep on collecting these refunds. In the state of California there is the office of unclaimed property and they have the listings for everybody along with the particular sums that are owed to them.

The various accounts which are listed from the pass ten years or more will be declared unclaimed by the state of California if the owner does not claim it before that time. To make sure that you are aware of the situation you will need to contact the relevant agencies to find out if your name is listed for any unclaimed property in California. The best way to do it is to check the website designed for the office of comptroller.

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