Do You Need an Attorney When Filing for a Trademark?

Should you wish to develop your company, item or service title as being a brand in the marketplace and further invest considerable time and economic assets into it, the very first step for you should be to produce a trademark for it. Your failure to do so could have dire implications later on, particularly in the event the title you would like to use for your product is perhaps either reserved, or you have a difficult time distinguishing it as unique within the marketplace after launching.

The process to have your trademark reserved can be completed without the services of a trademark attorney, but filing for any trademark without the counsel of a trademark attorney isn’t advisable.

Preferably, you should consider engaging the services of an experienced trademark attorney when your company is contemplating launching a new product or service. The very best time to get a trademark attorney involved is prior to committing substantial financial resources to a particular trademark (such as engaging marketing and advertising strategies, internet site development, manufacturing commitments, packaging and the like).

It’s the function of the experienced trademark attorney to advise you on the dangers related with trademark use, and by means of completing thorough trademark searches, help you with adopting a mark that may not be subject to any competing claims, ensuring that you stay clear of the “likelihood of confusion” challenges from the USPTO which arise when there is a current trademark which is similar.

As with most small business owners, you might desire to reduce your expenses and seek out all possibilities to avoid spending for solutions which may be completed independently, such as registering a trademark. Whilst you can use a lot of the online resources available at the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to file your own trademark, employing an experienced trademark attorney will ensure that your trademark application is complete and thorough, and as insulated from prospective challenges as much as possible.

Ultimately, an experienced trademark attorney can, and will guide you through the trademark selection and registration process so that any potential problems can be anticipated, discussed and avoided. The experience that they have with the trademark process is not something most people will have knowledge of, as they are not afforded the training or practice of the experienced trademark attorney.

And frankly, the cost for the services of a trademark attorney may not be as expensive as you would think.

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